Impacts of Screen Overexposure on Young People's Health
the Facts, the Damages, the SOLUTIONS

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Hosts: YWCA Montreal, Edupax, ACME (Action Coalition for Media Education)

May 4, 2011

Janet Feasby, Advertising Standards Canada (ASC)
What is the framework for self-regulating children's advertising in Canada (except for Quebec)? What codes and guidelines are in effect that recognize the special characteristics of the child audience? What role does Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) play in administering this framework?
Advertising Standards Canada - Advertising Standards Canada Guidelines - ASC Members - Concerned Children Advertisers
Monique Potvin-Kent
Researchers compared how children are targeted in Ontario and Québec? Was there a difference between English speaking children in Ontario, English speaking children in Québec and French speaking children in Québec? How could society provide better protection for kids? Recommendations to public health authorities and governments?
University of Ottawa - Cyberpresse
François Décary-Gilardeau, Option-Consommateurs
Marketing to children under 13 has been illegal for more than 30 years. What is actually illegal and what is not? Who monitors advertisers acting illegally? What company were charged and pleaded guilty? For what charges? What is needed to provide better protection for children ?
Option-Consommateurs - Children and advertising in Québec - Handy Reference Guide (Kids & Ads)
Suzie Pellerin
30 years after declaring marketing to children illegal, what do Quebecers think about it? What are the benefits for children and parents? What role does the Coalition on Weight-Related Problems play in protecting children? Why does it focus on sweet beverages?
Québec Coalition on Weight-Related Problems
Bob McCannon, President of Action Coalition for Media Education, Albuquerque, New Mexico, American Academy of Pediatrics' Media Educator of the Year.
Why do schools of the 21st century need to provide media education? What makes media education so urgent for young citizens? Why must it be independent from the industry? How can teachers become media educators? Why parents need media education for themselves and their children?
Sherryl Rivera and Adam Kenner, Media Educators at Horace Mann School in New York (Bronx & Manhattan).
Disney's Product is People. This session will demonstrate how Disney markets people instead of products and how the rapidly changing image of female actors promotes sexualization of young girls who are fans of Disney's programming. How does the cross-promotion between shows, bands, live events, and other programming accelerate the development of actors and audience members.
Lilia Goldfarb
Countering early sexualization of girls: YWCA's prevention program.
YWCA - Guide for parents of preteen girls - Documentaries
Jacques Brodeur, Edupax
Media violence: its impact on troubled behavior and teens' violent crime rate. What do Canadians and Québecers think about the influence of media violence on kids' behavior? What do they expect from government? What we can do as parents, as teachers, as community members, as citizens?
Edupax - What do Canadians think about media violence and government action? - Media Violence, Why It Is Used To Abuse Children, How To Oppose It and WIN !
Kristine Paulsen, S.M.A.R.T. Program, Escanaba, Michigan, Tom Warshawski, Childhood Obesity Foundation, B.C., Francine Forget Marin, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec, Jacques Brodeur, Edupax (QC).
Benefits expected include less aggression, less substance abuse, less obesity, better sleep, more physical activity, better school performance. How can we make it happen in a community, in a society, in a country? How could we evaluate the benefits? Benefits resulting from the SMART program (Student Media Awareness to Reduce Television) in the U.S. Benefits expected in Canada from the action plan for screen time reduction. Benefits resulting from the 10-Day Screen-Free Challenge in Québec and in France.
Kristine Paulsen - Tom Warshawski - Jacques Brodeur - Effects of Reducing TV Viewing on Children's Requests for Toys - Evaluation of 10-Day Screen-Free Challenge by Parents, Students, Teachers
Break for dinner (restaurants in the neighbourhood)
Peter Phillips, President of the Board for Media Freedom Foundation, Former Director of Project Censored from 1997 to 2010.
Examples of censored stories in recent years related to youth health, impact of violence & sexism used by the entertainment industry to attract, entertain and advertise to children and teens, the impact of 9/11 coverage by the press, its impact on democracy, the links between the media industry & the military industry.
Project Censored - Media Freedom International - Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University, California - Project Censored 2008 Promising Practices To Protect Children From The Increasing Power of Big Media